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Osteoporosis Clinic

If you are 50 or older and have had a fracture, or your healthcare provider feels that you may benefit from an evaluation, our Osteoporosis Clinic at SBJS could be a resource for you. Our goal is to help you reduce the risk of another fragility fracture. To understand your current bone health, a combination of the following methods will be used

  • Obtain a Medical History
    • Our providers will ask you questions relating to any personal history of fracture, family history of fracture and other risk factors associated with osteoporosis. Some medications are known to increase the risk for low bone mass and fractures, so a 10 year medication history may be obtained.
  • Physical Exam
    • Our providers will do a limited physical exam with emphasis on the spine. Loss of height is sometimes a great indication of vertebral fragility fractures.
  • Lab Testing
    • There are lab tests specific to bone health. If you have not had these particular tests in the last 6 months, we will need to perform them.
  • X-Ray
    • This helps our providers identify if any fragility fractures of the spine are present.
  • Bone Density Scan
    • If loss of bone density is suspected from the above tests, you will need a bone density scan (if one has not been done in the last year). This test is non-invasive and painless.

Rachel Brooks, PA-C completed the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Model of Care Training and Certificate of Completion in the summer of 2017. FLS Training is specifically developed to provide participants with information about the benefits of a FLS program and provides information and tools about how to build and sustain the FLS program. The FLS Training emphasizes the importance of appropriate patient assessment, treatment initiation, medical follow-up and care coordination for the post-fracture patient. The FLS Training and Certificate of Completion explores the most important economic and health system challenges to the widespread implementation of the FLS model of care, covering topics such as the impact of healthcare reform; challenges and barriers in clinical care; and strategies for organizing, staffing and structuring a successful FLS program.

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Rachel Brooks, PA-C