Patient Testimonials

“I’ve been fortunate and have always enjoyed an active lifestyle until recently when I sustained a traumatic injury that required surgery. I chose a surgeon at Southern Bone & Joint Specialists to provide my care. I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of my surgery and follow-up that both he and his staff provided. I would highly recommend them to anyone who might need their services!”

Marjorie Smith Blink

“When discomfort and pain necessitated that I have hip replacement, I weighed my options. As a retired surgeon, several key factors involved in making my decision, My priorities included convenience, a facility and surgeon exhibiting the highest standard of care, advanced technology, attention to detail and infection prevention. My surgeon at Southern Bone & Joint and our local hospitals met my criteria. It was also assuring to know that they were available 24-7 should I need them. When discussing the procedure best suited for me, I was advised that I was a good candidate for the direct anterior approach (DAA). Following surgery, my level of pain was much less and my recovery time much faster than when I had my other hip replaced several years ago. I feel my confidence and trust was well placed and I have been very pleased with my results. “

Joseph Sugg, M.D.

“When persistent pain and discomfort began to profoundly affect my quality of life, I knew it was time to take a different course. I did my research. I talked to friends who recommended SBJS for joint replacement surgery. I discovered that all of the latest techniques and equipment needed were available her in Dothan. I made the decision to have total hip replacement performed by a surgeon with Southern Bone & Joint. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. The complete recovery process was surprisingly quick and I was able to return to activities in just a few weeks. Thanks SBJS for a wonderful experience. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Emory Latta

“Being active, enjoying the outdoors, and hunting and fishing are my passion! When I hurt my shoulder recently, I was determined to return to those things as fast as possible. Since I had experienced a similar injury and surgery on my other shoulder several years ago, I knew what I was facing and who I could trust. I have complete confidence in my surgeon at Southern Bone & Joint from check-in to therapy, they have all been like family. I would no consider going anywhere else!”

Archie Solomon

“I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of living an active lifestyle. Over time, with activity, I began to experience joint pain and discomfort. When this began to limit my daily life I sought the advice of a local orthopaedic surgeon whose reputation and opinion I trust. He diagnosed me as having advanced osteoarthritis of the hip. We discussed my various options. I decided the best for me was to proceed with hip replacement. I was extremely confident in allowing him to perform my surgery. It was an additional benefit knowing that he was readily available should I need him and that my surgery, rehab and follow-up care was available in my community. I have been extremely please with the outcome of my surgery and would highly recommend Southern Bone & Joint Specialists.”

Charles D. Chalker