Hand and Wrist

Your Hardworking Hands
No matter your age or occupation, your hands are always working. Each day, they perform hundreds of functions—buttoning a shirt, typing a letter, gripping a steering wheel. While these tasks may seem ordinary, the hand’s ability to accomplish them is truly extraordinary. The hand—which comprises the wrist, palm, and fingers—is a mechanically complex and highly sensitive structure made up of 27 bones and a network of muscles and tendons. The 3 main nerves that travel to the hand transmit electrical impulses to and from the brain to enable the hand to perform highly intricate functions and feel even the most delicate sensations. It’s not surprising that any abnormality of the hand—especially one that causes pain— also causes great concern, frustration, and limitation of activity.

Hand pain and wrist pain can be caused by overuse, traumatic injuries, or arthritis and other diseases. Some issues can be treated at home with anti-inflammatory medications and hot or cold treatments, with physical therapy or corticosteroid injections, but sometimes surgery is necessary.

At Southern Bone & Joint Specialists, we have leading hand and wrist specialists on staff with extensive experience in:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome—numbness, tingling or pain in the hand, especially at night
  • Rheumatoid arthritis—causes pain and loss of function
  • Ganglion cyst—a noncancerous, fluid-filled mass commonly occurring on the back of the wrist
  • Ligament and tendon disorders—can cause pain and weakness with use
  • Dupuytren’s contracture—thickening of tissue in palm; may eventually pull fingers into palm
  • Trigger finger—an irritation that causes the tendon to “catch” and then suddenly release
  • Scaphoid fracture nonunion—failed fracture healing due to improper treatment; leads to arthritis; requires corrective surgery
  • Trauma and sports injuries—fracture or severe injury of the hand and arm
  • Congenital deformities—birth abnormalities
  • Elbow disorders—fracture and tendonitis

The Latest Techniques and Technology
We offer patients the latest techniques and technology, utilizing such advanced diagnostic equipment as fluoroscopy to observe bone movement, and electromyelography to measure the electrical transmissions between muscles and nerves.  We emphasize the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques such as arthroscopy and endoscopy. These procedures utilize state-of-the-art equipment—fiber-optic lenses and microscopic cameras—allowing major surgery to be performed through tiny incisions that cause minimal disruption to the healthy tissue below.

If you’re suffering from hand pain or wrist pain, call us at (334)793-2663 or request an appointment using our online form.