Payment Policy & Insurance

It is the goal of Southern Bone Joint Specialists to provide quality assistance to our patients throughout the billing process. We have patient representatives available in our billing department to assist with any questions or billing issues that may arise.


Our physicians are participating providers with:

They also participate with several provider networks, including:

Because these provider networks often add or delete insurance companies, we suggest that you contact your insurance company to verify their participation.

Also, be sure to check your plan to see if a referral/authorization is required by your insurance company. Some plans require a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to approve all visits. Some plans require authorization to be submitted electronically by the PCP.   It is the member/patient’s responsibility to confirm the referral/authorization has been obtained. Otherwise, they may not pay for the services. This will result in the patient being responsible for the bill and can delay medical treatment if a test or surgery is required.

Patient balances are expected at the time of service, to include co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered services.

Patients requiring surgery are contacted by our office prior to the procedure to discuss the estimated out-of-pocket cost. We do expect that cost to be paid prior to the surgery. We do offer alternative payment plans if needed.

Southern Bone & Joint Specialists will not get involved in cases under litigation. The patient is responsible for payments at the time of service. 

For patients covered by Medicare, if the appointment is due to an auto accident or other liability accident, Medicare cannot be filed for 120 days from the first appointment with SBJS. However, accounts must be kept current during that 120-day period by setting up a payment plan.

Workmen’s Comp and Disability

We accept Workmen’s Compensation received by your employer’s work comp adjuster prior to appointment or receiving medical treatment.


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